5 Things To Know About Heated Pools

heated pools

We see a LOT of warm days throughout the year living in Middle Tennessee, so you might be wondering how useful it is to incorporate heating elements into your pool. While we are lucky enough to live in a climate with prolonged pool weather each year, there are many benefits to having a heated pool that will justify adding a pool heater to your custom pool design

Here are 5 things of the most important things to know about heated pools:

1. Even on hot days, a pool heater can be helpful.

Because your pool temperature fluctuates with the temperature outside, the water in your pool can drop significantly on a cool night. When you jump in to swim the next day, that cold shock can be a real mood killer! Heated pools maintain a steady, desirable temperature, so swimming is always a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

2. Heated pools extend the duration of the pool season.

While the air temperature in the Spring and Fall might feel warm and ideal for spending time outdoors, that ambient temperature is often not sufficient to heat the water in your pool. Take advantage of the 80-degree weather that we often see outside of the summer months with a heated pool! A pool heater can provide you with several additional months of swimming time each year.

3. There are several different types of pool heaters.

Much like other major appliances, there are several types of pool heaters to choose from when planning your heated pool. Depending on your preference and the type of pool you are building with your pool construction company, pool heaters can operate on gas or electricity. Gas heaters are most effective at heating quickly but aren’t as cost-efficient as electric or heat pumps. Electric heaters take a little longer to bring water to the desired temperature but are generally cost-effective to operate. 

4. Pool heaters are a reasonable investment that optimizes your pool use. 

The initial investment for a pool heater and installation is comparable to other major appliance installations if planned for as part of your pool design. Installing heat to an established pool could have additional costs associated. The type of heater you prefer and the size of the pool to be heated dictate the initial cost assessment. 

5. Heated pools encourage you to spend more time swimming!

If your pool is always set to a comfortable temperature, you’ll use it more often. Take up swimming as exercise or wear out the kids after school – using the pool is a great way to expend energy and have fun as a family. You can also use a heated pool at night more easily. Invite friends over, share drinks as the sun sets, or go for evening swims. You’ll find that a heated pool extends not only the months of use but also the number of hours in the day that the pool is enjoyable!

Make the most of your pool by installing a pool heater! 

The professionals at Peek Pools and Spas have decades of experience in the pool construction industry and understand the right heating elements to incorporate into your pool design. With highly skilled builders working on the Peek Pools team, your heat pump will be expertly installed for years of enjoyment. 
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