Custom Pool Construction Process

Custom Pool Builder

Every pool is unique and so is the method of construction used to complete it. Our experts assess the environment for every pool and decide the best way to build it.

Different variables from rock, water, to fill can dramatically change the way a pool needs to be constructed to ensure your pool will be problem free for many years to come. With the many years that we have been building pools you can be sure that Peek Pools & Spas has the knowledge to ensure every pool is built properly every time!

The Custom Pool Construction Process

Every Peek Pool & Spa is properly constructed with the latest construction techniques. After being dug, plumbed, and rebar being placed each pool is shot with gunite and hand carved into the proper size and shape. Each pool is a custom work of art.

  • The design is done so the working drawings and engineering are underway. An application for a permit is being readied and we have called for Dig Alert to layout any underground utilities around the construction site. One of the greatest assets of Peek Pools & Spas is the quality of site supervisors employed by the company. These men are professional builders with years of experience in the construction of swimming pools of all types. Your project supervisor will meet with you on site prior to any work being done to discuss the process and answer any questions you may have.
  • And then it is the big day…the layout and excavation of the pool. Forms will be installed to the shape of the pool and elevations will be established. Your pool will be dug using special equipment based on that access into the back yard. Your children may not want to go to school because of the excitement but just let them know that we will still be working when they get home in the afternoon. Once the excavation is completed our steel crews will be ready to start.
  • The steel is the skeleton for the pool and is engineered with maintaining high strength structural integrity in mind. You will be fascinated at how the men can bend and form the steel to produce walls, your spa, benches and ledges. Upon completion of the steel, our plumbing experts begin. The plumbing in a Peek Pools & Spas project is oversized to insure proper circulation, therapy jet activity and pump efficiency. In our pools there is no, “good, better, or best”…there is only best. As the plumbing continues you will see the installation of utilities and the setting of the equipment. Energy efficient pumps, large filters, chlorination equipment, and heaters make up the equipment set. You will see the plumbing, valves and fittings all are installed for easy maintenance for the equipment.
  • But nothing beats the “Big Day” when the shotcrete is installed in your pool. Trucks filled with men converge on your pool this day. The installation is our own special design mix from a local concrete plant that is brought to the site and poured into our pump. The pump then forces the concrete through a large hose until it reaches the nozzleman. At that point our compressor adds air and blows the mix into the pool where it is hand troweled into the proper shape. By the end of the day your pool has appeared.
  • With as much fun as the structural construction is there is nothing like the beginning of the beautiful parts of the pool. Your structure will now begin to look like a finished product as your tile choice, coping material and decking are installed by our craftsmen. Once all this is completed it is time for the final phase…the plaster installation. Your plaster choice will be applied and expertly troweled to give a smooth and beautiful finish. Once the plaster is completed it is time to fill and startup the equipment. At this stage we will make an appointment with you to go over the operation of your new pool. Remember, just because the pool construction is done does not mean we are gone. To the contrary, our service department is as close as the phone.

You'll Always Know What's Going On

Communication is a big part of our business plan and makes for happy clients. Construction can be difficult and challenging but it is our job to make the process seamless to the client. It is our passion to produce the best pools and to never, never, accept sub-par performance.

What's So Great About Reinforced Steel and Concrete?

Proper steel reinforcement is key to a long-lasting problem-free pool. A correctly dug and compacted pool that has the right amount of steel is vital. Peek Pools & Spas installs oversized steel and ties the steel curtain in 10-inch squares to ensure that your pool will be super durable and give you many years of enjoyment.

If you’re considering a pool or spa, you should understand a few things about concrete, specifically reinforced concrete, because it will be the framework on which your pool is built. Properly installed it will last for decades. Improperly installed, problems will likely appear in short order, sometimes requiring repair or complete

re-installation of the entire project. The elements which make concrete so strong lie inside the concrete and are virtually undetectable once the concrete is installed. It will pay great dividends to know a little more about concrete before the construction process begins so you'll know if your project is being built correctly.

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