Premier Pool Construction in Nashville: What to Expect from the First 3 Construction Steps

Pool Oasis

Premier pool construction in Nashville involves several steps. Once you’ve signed off on the plans for your backyard oasis, you’ll move into the initial construction phases. And while it’s exciting because it means your project is underway, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking as you watch your backyard become a dirt pile.

You can rest assured that with time, the dirt pile will take shape. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect during the initial construction phases.

1. Layout

Before giving the go-ahead to the excavation crew, your pool construction crew will visit your home and lay out the location, shape and size of your pool. You’ll have a chance to review the layout before the heavy machinery shows up to officially dig up your yard.

The layout is an important first step in ensuring your pool meets your expectations. It also helps ensure that the team won’t run into any surprises during excavation. 

At first, this will just look like a series of boards, strings and markings in your backyard. Generally, your salesperson or project manager will walk through the layout with you to help you understand what every guidepost means.

2. Excavation

Once the guideposts are in place and you’ve signed off on the layout for your pool, excavation begins. Don’t be surprised if the hole looks deeper than you’re expecting your pool to be. Your pool contractor will dig down deeper than your pool depth to give them plenty of room to stabilize the pool, install plumbing, etc. 

The excavation process can take a few days. It can take longer if the team hits hard dirt or rock. This then requires a ripper attachment on the excavator and additional time.

Try to enjoy the process of watching the trucks and witnessing the progress. You might also enjoy having before, during and after photos showing your backyard transformation.

3. Plumbing

Next comes the plumbing. This is an essential element to keeping your pool clear and enjoyable. The location of your plumbing will also impact how easy maintenance is. 

Your pool engineer will run calculations to ensure that, based on the size of your pool and its requirements, you’ll have the proper plumbing you need to enjoy your summers poolside. But you also don’t want a circulatory system that requires too much circulation based on your pool size because that will be a waste of energy.

The plumbing phase of pool construction can last a few days, depending on the size and complexity of your backyard oasis. Additional landscaping or hardscaping factors, such as fountains or outdoor wet bars, might also be a factor during the plumbing phase.

Premier Pool Construction in Nashville

If you’re considering embarking on premier pool construction in Nashville, contact Peek Pools and Spas. Their team has helped transform the backyards of countless Nashville area homes with not just a fun place to swim but a truly incredible place to relax, enjoy the great outdoors and entertain guests.