Middle Tennessee’s Premier Swimming Pool Contractor Is a Family Affair

peek pools

Kyle Peek has been in the pool industry for more than 45 years. After many years of success working for pool contractors, he decided to branch out on his own as a premier swimming pool contractor. He started Peek Pools & Spas in 2013 with his two sons, Justin and Corey. 

Here’s what makes Peek Pools & Spas unique and how the company can offer the best swimming pool and spa services in middle Tennessee.

A Family-First Approach

Today, the family business offers custom pool and spa design and construction as well as ongoing maintenance and service. Family is number one for the pool company, which means clients get spaces designed to allow families and friends to gather and make memories. 

That family-first approach means incredible collaboration throughout the process of capturing clients’ visions for their backyards to unveiling their new oasis that fulfills their dreams and more.

Take a moment to meet each of the Peek Pools family members to see how they work together.

Kyle Peek is the patriarchal owner and leader of the team. He’s also the star of the DIY Network hit Pool Kings. Throughout his career, he’s assisted with building more than 10,000 pools.

When you meet Kyle, you’ll enjoy his outgoing personality and quick wit. He’ll keep the process lighthearted and enjoyable, which is what your backyard oasis should be like. And although he has worked with many pool contractors in his career, working with family members has brought meaning and purpose to the pool-building process while creating the work atmosphere he always wanted.

Justin Peek is an excellent complement to Kyle’s outgoing, quick-witted nature. That’s because Justin is more introverted and brings incredible attention to detail to Kyle’s energy and passion for custom pools. Justin has been working with his dad since he was 16 and has worked in various roles within the pool business, including as an information systems manager. He enjoys the technical part of the process and has built a unique skill set designed to deliver remarkable results for clients.

His favorite part of working with Peek Pools is watching something go from the design phase to making people’s dreams come true and seeing their excitement when they see their vision for their backyard become a reality.

Corey Peek is the younger of the two sons and serves as the sales manager for Peek Pools. He helps simplify the big process of capturing your ideas and designing an ideal backyard. His favorite part of working with Peek Pools is seeing something come from nothing. Corey also believes that he’s part of the best team in the pool business, which helps him achieve his goals and delight homeowners.  

A Unique Custom Pool Design and Construction Process

Peek Pools & Spas doesn’t just build pools. Owner Kyle Peek believes they build relationships that help the team understand the homeowner’s goals for their space. This allows Peek Pools to be a part of the family for a moment, to envision life with the new backyard oasis the family envisions.

Because building custom pools is a family affair for the Peeks, it’s personal. They want to ensure everything is just right and build pools and spas designed to last. The father and sons team holds one another accountable, which helps them produce incredible results.