Tips for Effective Summer Pool Maintenance in Tennessee

summer pool maintenance tips

The better and more frequent your pool maintenance is, the easier it will be. Allowing scum or debris to build up in your pool when you aren’t using it every day can lead to the need to clean more aggressively or spend more time.

If you can plan for the time, spend 10 minutes a day skimming and scrubbing your pool to avoid deposits and grime from building up. That way, you won’t have to spend an hour before your next pool party desperately trying to make it look good.

But what all goes into a summer pool maintenance plan? Here’s a look at what to expect when maintaining a pool.

Daily Pool Maintenance Activities (When Possible)

When you can, engage in these daily pool maintenance activities to ensure you keep your pool clean and balanced.

1. Monitor Water Levels

When the water gets too high or too low, the skimmers can’t work properly, which can mean both a dirtier pool and an imbalanced pool because moving water through the filters is how you circulate your pool chemicals. You’ll know when it’s been especially rainy or dry to watch for improper water levels to make an adjustment.

2. Skim and Scrub the Pool

For some pool owners, it isn’t realistic to do this activity daily, but you want to get out and check your pool as often as you can. The tidier you can keep your pool day-to-day, the more enjoyable your swim experience will be and it doesn’t have to take that long. It could be a nice way to get out in the sun and reduce stress after a busy workday.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Activities

While still important activities, there are some pool maintenance items you can do with less frequency. Here’s a look at weekly activities.

1. Run the Vacuum

At least once a week you should run a vacuum in your pool to prevent buildup on the pool’s floor. This will help remove algae and debris. If you notice a spot where your vacuum can’t seem to remove the grime, get out your pool brush and scrub the floor and walls to help break up the material.

2. Check the Pool’s Chemistry

When your pool chemistry is off, you can experience damage to your pool deck or other surfaces. You want to avoid corrosive water but also ensure the water is safe to swim in. You should monitor chlorine levels a few times per week, especially during the heat of the summer when the sun will work against you and your pool chemicals. But you should also consider bi-weekly water testing from a professional pool chemist who can help prevent issues you might not see on a standard ph test.

3. Clean Filter Baskets

At least once a week, you should clean your filter baskets. But if your pool is located near much foliage, you might need to clean the baskets more frequently to help your skimmers keep up and do their job effectively. 

You should also clean the collection pods on your pool’s pump. You’ll need to turn the pump off to complete this maintenance, so generally, pool owners do this bi-weekly or monthly depending on necessity. 

As-needed Pool Maintenance

Some pool maintenance activities don’t follow a set schedule or they vary based on the size and type of pool you have. Here’s a look at some as-needed pool maintenance activities.

1. Clean the Pool Filter

There are so many different types of filtration systems out there that it’s challenging to say how often you should clean or change your pool filter as a general rule. Instead, look for signs that it might need to be cleaned. For example, your pool might look cloudy despite seemingly balanced chemicals. You might notice an odor or a clogged drain. How often you use your pool and the size of your filter cartridge will all be factors in how often you should complete this important maintenance but keep it on your radar.

2. Get Professional Service

Even with the best care, it can be a good idea to call in the experts from time to time to help with pool maintenance. Whether that’s a quick chemical balance while you’re away on vacation or a monthly visit to help you ensure your systems are all running smoothly.Peek Pools and Spas offers swimming pool maintenance and servicing. The pool contractor can handle your weekly cleanings and water balancing or step in when you need them. Contact them for a free estimate and to learn more.