Spring is Loading ~ Building Your Custom-Designed Dream Pool Starts Now!

planning your custom pool in the Spring

The trees are slowly turning green, and the flowers are beginning to bloom: Springtime is arriving in Tennessee! It might feel too early to start thinking about pools and warm weather, but planning your custom-designed dream pool begins in Spring. 

Embarking on the journey of bringing a custom-designed pool to fruition is an exciting chapter in transforming your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment. From envisioning the perfect shape, size, and features to navigating the intricacies of construction with your pool contractor, each step brings you closer to realizing your dream of a personalized backyard oasis. 

If you hope to build a pool and outdoor living space in your backyard this year, start planning with your custom pool builder this Spring. Creating and building a custom pool design involves several important considerations to ensure the process goes smoothly and you achieve the desired result. 

Peek Pools and Spas invites you to explore the top considerations for moving forward with your custom pool build:

  1. Know Your Budget

The world of pool building has immense possibilities, and your pool budget can encompass a wide range of figures! Determine your budget for the entire project, including design, construction, landscaping, and any additional features or amenities. Be realistic about what you can afford and prioritize your must-have features within your budget.

  1. Consider the Outdoor Living Space as a Whole

Your backyard can be more than just a pool! Think about how you plan to use your extended outdoor living space and what features are essential for your lifestyle. For the pool, consider factors such as depth, shallow areas for lounging or children, seating options, water features, lighting, and heating systems

If you plan to create an entire backyard oasis, think about the best ways to use your space. A premiere custom pool builder can create outdoor kitchens, grilling spaces, beautiful landscapes and hardscapes, seating areas, and even custom entertainment units. Make sure to select a builder who can bring your entire vision to life!

  1. Think About Your Design Style Preferences

Do some research! Explore photos in design magazines, create a vision board on Pinterest, or scroll through Instagram to find inspiration for your custom pool and backyard oasis. Photos can help you clarify your design preferences and establish goals for the pool build, including its shape, size, style, features, and amenities. Consider how the pool will integrate with your existing landscape and complement your home’s architecture.

With a custom pool builder, your pool design can be as unique as a fingerprint! Since they don’t need to rely on prefabricated materials or shapes, your pool can be custom-built to fit your backyard and to create an exceptional outdoor experience. If you can dream it, a premiere pool builder can build it!

  1. Consider Logistics with Your Pool 

Every pool and outdoor living space has different needs for upkeep. Considering the logistics in advance can help you plan a space that works for your lifestyle. Plan for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the pool once it’s completed. Discuss maintenance requirements with your contractor and consider investing in a maintenance plan to keep your pool in optimal condition year-round.

In addition, make sure to discuss the safety features that are important to you as part of the pool design. Incorporating safety features in advance, such as fencing, gates, pool covers, and alarms, can help them integrate into the design for a more attractive appearance while ensuring your custom pool build is safe for your family to enjoy.

  1. Contact a Contractor Early!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your pool be. If you hope to create a pool this year, contact a pool builder early in the season. The design, site preparation, and actual building process involve many steps, so you want to establish a realistic timeframe for completion. Starting the relationship early in the season gives you the best opportunity for a pool to be built and available to use within the year.

Build Your Custom Pool and Backyard Oasis with Peek Pools and Spas 

Choose a reputable and experienced custom pool builder like Peek Pools and Spas to construct your dream pool and outdoor living space. With a proven track record of delivering unparalleled custom pool projects, you can’t find a better pool builder than Peek Pools in the greater Nashville area. 

With Peek Pools and Spas, you can incorporate truly special details into your pool and outdoor living spaces for an extension of your home that feels like paradise. Whether you’re looking for a natural pool referencing an organic landscape or a formal lap pool, there are no limits to creating your dream outdoor space. 
Get started with Peek Pools today by reaching out online or calling (615) 866-8800!