Pool Waterfalls: Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need To Know

Pool Waterfalls: Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need To Know by Peek Pools & Spa

Visiting a waterfall on vacation is an incredible experience. Bring that tranquil experience home and recreate the atmosphere of a natural waterfall in your own backyard. 

Whether you are building from the ground up or are adding onto an existing pool, the experts at Peek Pools can customize your backyard oasis with various features and additions. 

Waterfall additions have been an outdoor feature for years, but what are the benefits of a waterfall, and what are the drawbacks? 

The experts at Peek Pools can answer your questions to help create the backyard of your dreams!

Waterfall Basics and Design

All pool waterfalls share two common features: each waterfall will start above the pool’s water line and water will flow over the edge through powered pumps.

An extremely important component with your waterfall is the pump, which is needed to move water upward to the top of the waterfall. This needs to be a durable pump with enough power to continuously serve the fixture while the waterfall runs.

Beyond these two basics, pool waterfalls can be customized and as intricate as you desire. Pool waterfalls can come in a variety of designs, sizes, materials, placements, streams, and flows.


Pool waterfalls can be made of stones, brick, boulders, or synthetic material. Heavier materials such as brick, stones, and boulders allow for a more natural look and also may require additional decking and support. Synthetic material is more budget friendly as it is less expensive, lightweight with no extra support needed, and typically pre-assembled for quick installation. 

Streams of your waterfall can always be relaxing, but you can choose if you would like a single stream, multiple streams, converging streams, or multiple waterfalls around your pool.

You can choose where you would like the placement of your waterfall. They are typically installed in an area where the pool is shallow to allow swimmers to stand underneath and have water rain down on them. 


A waterfall can make your outdoor space even more relaxing by adding the tranquil sound of rushing water. This relaxing benefit can muffle the sounds of nearby traffic, pool pumps, and other neighborhood noises.  

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhancing the aesthetic of your backyard by giving it a luxurious look.
  • Increases water circulation which improves filtration and oxygenation by removing harmful particles and cools the water when it is hot out!
  • Cooler water helps protect the pool’s chlorine. Chlorine is naturally broken down over time by sunlight. A cooler temperature gives chlorine a longer lifespan, in turn, saving you money.
  • Increases the usage of your pool by creating an enticing ambiance you can’t help but take a dip!

Possible Drawbacks

If you are on the fence about adding a waterfall to your pool, there are a few potential drawbacks:

  • Waterfalls cause additional cleaning and maintenance due to the extra pool pump and crevices that dirt may buildup in. Additionally, calcium and mineral deposits can build up on the rocks and make their way into the pool’s water, upsetting the pH balance.
  • Waterfalls can add on additional costs to your pool as they require their own pump, plumbing, installation, and possible additional support.  
  • The waterfall may cause rocks or structures to erode overtime.
  • Larger, exposed waterfalls may be at-risk of weather damage when exposed to the elements.

Peek Pools

Escape to the backyard of your dreams and add a waterfall concept to your personal getaway. 

If you already have a pool or are looking to add other elements to your backyard, such as a waterfall, reach out to the award-winning creative and skilled team at Peek Pools. They’ll work with you, your outdoor footprint and your budget to create the ideal pool oasis.