How to Close Your Pool Without Closing Your Patio

The falling temperatures and falling leaves dictate it’s that time of year again… time to close your backyard pool. It’s an important step that shouldn’t be skipped in order to protect the pool, the water lines and your energy bills. It’s also a hassle, unless you let the professionals at Peek Pools handle it for you. And while you aren’t exactly sad about not jumping into the water when it’s 60 degrees outside, you might bemoan the perceived loss of your outdoor living space.

Read on for remedies to both!

Winterize Your Pool

In order to protect the investment that is your pool, winterizing and closing it down for the cooler months is important. Utilizing the service technicians at Peek Pools ensures your pool is safe through the winter through…

  • Blowing out the lines: Much like disconnecting your garden hose or having the sprinkler lines blown out for the winter, blowing out the lines for the pool protects them from bursting as the temperature drops. Water freezing in the lines could expand and cause a major headache.
  • Chemical treatment: Treating your pool with the proper balance of chemicals keeps the water safe and stable and usable next season. This saves a bundle in refilling and protects the pool itself from potential damage of being emptied or having frozen water.
  • Shut Down and Cover Up: The technician will ensure all the things that need to be turned off, are. This saves you from spending energy on filters, lights, pumps and more when it’s not in use. The technician will also secure your pool cover to prevent leaves, debris and other things from entering the pool over the down season.

Keep the Party Going

The pool may be the focal point of the backyard, but it’s not the only thing. Hang lights to enjoy your outdoor seating, fireplace or firepit, or outdoor living space with TV and music on these pleasant autumn evenings. 

Invest in a few outdoor heaters and some comfy blankets to snuggle up and watch football with hot chocolate this winter. Decorate for the holiday or season. After all, Tennessee in the fall or winter may have a few brutal days, but it also has lots of gloriously mild days and nights.

Whether an informal gathering with neighbors or a planned event, your outdoor space around the pool is still very much worth enjoying.

And when the weather starts to swing back to warm next spring, call Peek Pools again and we will reverse the process to open your pool for the new season by cleaning, turning the pumps back on and balancing the chemicals for your easy enjoyment. Call us at 615-866-8800.