Embrace the Drama and Views with a Vanishing Edge Pool

Whether your house sits on top of a cliff, among wooded hills, before a spectacular cityscape vista, or overlooking scenic water… you have a view you love. In fact, it may have been a top reason why you bought your home in the first place. Now you’ve decided to expand your living space beyond the four walls of your home and embrace outdoor living areas, including a focal point pool. Why should you block or lose the vantage point? With a vanishing edge pool from Peek Pools, you don’t.

What’s a Vanishing Edge Pool?

Shakespeare wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and we agree. This type of pool goes by many names… but they all mean the same thing. If you see or hear the terms “zero edge,” “infinity edge,” “negative edge,” or “disappearing edge,” it’s all the same kind of pool that we refer to as a vanishing edge pool.

A vanishing edge pool is an illusion that creates a dramatic look to your pool and landscape while preserving the view surrounding the pool. Being an illusion means it’s actually still very safe. Remember when people thought the earth was flat and you could go off the edge? A vanishing edge pool is definitely reminiscent of that. However, there is still a wall. The water spills over into a specially designed basin below and then is filtered and pumped back into the pool. There is no decking or side to the pool to disrupt the scenery.

Fully Customized

A vanishing edge pool is tailor-made for your property and space. For starters, there needs to be a drop-off for the water to spill down. Working with an expert pool designer from Peek Pools will ensure the concept is feasible and that the pool is built properly.

These disappearing edges can create harmony and a sense of oneness with the surrounding area, especially when the pool seems to blend with the sky, lake, or ocean.

Tranquility Beyond Appearance

In addition to looking absolutely stunning and creating an unobstructed view, many find the peaceful sound of tumbling water to be very relaxing and calming. In fact, depending on your property, you may even add seating and a gathering place at the bottom of the vanishing edge near the basin. You can rest to the comforting sound of a waterfall as you are mesmerized by the sight of the water falling in a constant curtain. If you’re excited about the possibilities offered by a vanishing edge pool, reach out to the experts at Peek Pools. Call us at 615-866-8800 to schedule your appointment today.