Dive Into Summer With These Nostalgic Pool Games

Dive Into Summer With These Nostalgic Pool Games

It is another hot summer here in Middle Tennessee but heat is no match for a refreshing dip in the pool! 

Remember those summer days spending hours in the pool swimming, jumping in, and playing games? Bring those days back by cooling off and having fun with these nostalgic pool games! 

These games should be played under the supervision of an adult for some safe summer fun. 

Marco Polo

Keep on hollering, but don’t get tagged! One person in the group is “it” and they close their eyes and count to 20 while the others in the group swim to different sections of the pool. When the person who is “it” is finished counting, they keep their eyes closed and shout “Marco” and the others respond “Polo”. 

The object of the game is for the one shouting “Marco” to tag another player. The tagged person then becomes “it” and the game continues! Marco can be shouted as many times as needed until someone is tagged. 

Handstand Contest

You don’t have to be a gymnast to have a handstand competition! The pressure of the water keeps holding you up; but who can do it the longest? 

Stand in chest deep water and propel your body towards the bottom of the pool. Then, place your palms on the floor of the pool. Push your body upwards where your legs will be out of the water. Whoever can do the handstand the longest without falling wins! 

Treasure Hunt

Get the most fun out of this game by pretending you are a mermaid. 

Treasure Hunt can be played with rocks, shells, coins, or pool rings as “treasure” and can be played with two or more people. Toss the “treasure” into the pool and give it a moment to sink to the bottom. Gather treasure from the bottom of the pool as fast as you can and whoever collects the most “treasure” wins! 

Cannonball Contest

As easy at 1-2-3! Run, jump, and make a splash! This one is the simplest of them all – starting outside of the pool or on a diving board, jump into a deep pool doing a cannonball by pulling your knees to your chest and making a splash! Choose a winner based on the splash you can hold different rounds with the biggest splash, smallest splash, loudest splash, funniest splash etc. 

Make a Splash

Pass these games down to our newest generation to provide hours of fun for the summers to come! And as an extra bonus, swimming really tires the kiddos out! 

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