How a Saltwater Pool Works and Why You Might Consider One

saltwater pools

When designing a custom pool or completing regular pool maintenance, you have many considerations, including how to care for the water and keep your pool sparkling. A saltwater pool offers many great benefits, including lower-maintenance requirements and a lower water freezing point to perhaps leave your pool open longer.

Learn more about the benefits of a saltwater pool and how it compares to a traditional chlorine pool as you decide which maintenance method is best for you.

What Is a Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool uses normal salt to prevent algae and organism growth for clean, clear water. The main reason why Tennessee residents consider a saltwater pool is that it is gentler on skin and hair. Also, if you have sensitive skin or allergies, it might be a better option for you.

You do not have to add salt to the water as frequently as you have to add chlorine to standard pools, which makes the pools lower maintenance. Plus, saltwater pools tend to stay cleaner and clearer and are more pleasant to gather around because they don’t have the strong smell that chlorine emits.

How Does a Saltwater Pool Work?

Many people are surprised to learn that saltwater pools still have chlorine. The difference is in the way the chlorine reaches the water.

Saltwater pools include a salt generator to turn salt into chlorine to keep the water looking great. These generators convert sodium chloride into chlorine through electrolysis in which the water is electrically charged, which splits the salt molecules, generating chlorine.

If you want to see how a saltwater generator works, watch How A Pool Salt Chlorine Generator Works, which explains more of the science behind this crucial element of a saltwater pool.

Saltwater Pool Pros and Cons

Saltwater pools are nothing like swimming in the ocean. If the water gets in your mouth, you won’t taste the salt, but you also won’t taste stark flavors of chlorine either. So what can you expect from these pools? Here’s a look at the pros and cons to better inform what type of pool might be best for you.


  • Treat the water with less frequency for lower maintenance
  • Gentler on hair and skin
  • More visually appealing because the water stays clearer
  • Swimwear can last longer without the harsh effects of chlorine
  • You don’t have to worry about storing chlorine at home, which can be dangerous for small children or pets if ingested
  • Saltwater feels softer and smoother to glide through than traditional chlorine pools
  • Annual costs for maintaining a saltwater pool will be lower than a chlorine pool
  • Saltwater pools are better for the environment since chlorine gives off chloramines, a gas that enters the environment


  • Installing a saltwater pool often has a higher upfront price tag for installation
  • If something goes wrong, you’ll need an expert technician, so make sure you have a saltwater expert in your area
  • Over time, the salt can corrode metals, such as ladders and brackets and lead to faster rusting

Creating a Luxury Pool Experience

As you dream up what your backyard oasis will look like, realize that a saltwater pool can aid in creating a luxury environment.

Whether you plan to grill steaks poolside and don’t want the smell of chlorine getting in the way of your enjoyment of a gourmet meal or you want to know that your guests’ designer swimwear won’t fade or be harmed by your pool’s chlorine, a saltwater pool can be the answer.

Plus, you’ll know you’re doing your part to protect the environment and be socially responsible. Approximately 75 percent of properties in the Hamptons installing pools are choosing saltwater systems over traditional pools thanks to the luxury experience these pools provide.

These pools are safe and might provide you and your guests with more enjoyment of the space. If you’re looking for a team of saltwater pool experts in Middle Tennessee, consider Peek Pools and Spas. Their technicians provide pool services for a variety of pool types and know the ins and outs of saltwater generators and can design the perfect backyard experience with a custom pool.