Big Fun in Small Pools

Houses in Nashville are trending towards vertical living with smaller yards as of late. But the experts at Peek Pools know you can still pack a lot of punch in small spaces. Don’t assume a small or unconventionally shaped yard means you cannot have a pool in which to unwind, relax and entertain.

Small pools, which go by several names, can provide big fun. Here are a few of our favorites… 

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool serves the exact purpose its name suggests. As opposed to a large lap pool, plunge pools are perfect for taking a cooling dip to refresh from the heat of a southern summer. They’re also wonderful places to relax and catch up with neighbors in a calm, inviting setting. Featuring a shallower depth than a traditional pool, plunge pools are still great for low-impact exercise as well as for setting up more fun like a basketball goal.

Cocktail Pool

Another term for a smaller-scale pool slipped into a pocket space is a cocktail pool. Much like a cocktail party is designed as an intimate gathering of a small group to connect and commune, a cocktail pool is designed to facilitate a cozy connection with friends and family. Completely customizable, cocktail pools can meet your aesthetic ideas and fit into your allotted space.


Some say it’s a combination of the words “small” and “pool,” others prefer “spa” and “pool.” But however you choose to combine words, spools are relaxing pools that can feature spa-like benefits such as jets and warm water. Larger than a hot tub, often in-ground, and able to accommodate other features, a spool may be exactly what your yard has been missing. Don’t forgo the therapeutic perks of hydrotherapy, including mental health, due to perceived limitations of space.

Why Small Pools

Not only can they fit in smaller spaces, small pools are more eco-friendly, using less water to fill, less energy to operate and fewer chemicals to maintain. They can also be customized to fit into awkwardly laid out spaces, including a side yard, wrap-around between the back and side yards, a courtyard, or even inside the house! 

Incorporate double duty features into the design to put a lot into a small space. For example, if you want a tanning ledge or lounge ledge, turn the top step into the lounger. Or put a spa inside the pool. You can also use existing walls or boundaries to serve as a wall of the pool. (Who says you have to have large decks or walking space around the entire pool?)

Contact the designers at Peek Pools for a consultation and discuss options that can bring relaxation and delight to your space, regardless of its shape or size. Call now at 615-866-8800 to schedule your appointment today.