5 Eco-Friendly Pool Tips from Peek Pools

Maybe Kermit the Frog wasn’t completely right when he said, “it’s not easy being green.” In fact, when it comes to being eco-friendly, aka “green” with your backyard pool, it’s really easy. And it will also save you some green in your wallet. Take care of the earth and your finances with these five easy eco-friendly pool tips, provided by the experts at Peek Pools.

Tip 1: Use Solar Covers

Losing water and chemicals to evaporation, especially during the hot summer months, can cost a lot of money. During the spring and late summer when the evenings are cooler, the heat in the pool can also dissipate. And debris is always annoying to see when all you want to do is jump in. Using a solar cover, also called a solar blanket, can help with all of these issues.

Essentially a giant, thick UV-treated sheet of plastic bubble wrap, the solar cover prevents evaporation, reduces debris and can also add heat to your pool, increasing your water temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees! This saves wear and tear on the pool heater and reduces the cost of operating the pool. In fact, the savings from all the benefits of a solar blanket means it can pay for itself in as little as one season!

Tip 2: Switch Your Single Speed Pool Pump Out for a Variable Speed Pump

If you’re installing a new pool, you’re probably already planning to use a variable speed pump (VSP). (If you’re not, make sure to ask your builder if you’ll be in compliance with new regulations.) If you have an existing pool with a single speed pump, consider changing to a VSP. Not only is it eco-friendly by using less energy, it may also do a better job of maintaining your pool. VSPs circulate and move the water slower and longer, which means less work for your filtration system and a lower risk of an algae outbreak.

Energy efficient, lower cost to operate and better functioning aren’t the only perks. They are also much quieter than their single-speed counterparts!

Tip 3: Use Heat Pumps Instead of Pool Heaters

No one likes to jump into an icy pool. And pool heaters are great options to make the water temperature much more comfortable. But could there be a better way to heat the pool? Try a heat pump instead! More energy efficient than traditional gas or electric pool heaters, heat pumps reduce your carbon footprint and cost substantially less to operate. Heat pumps work by pulling heat out of the air and directing it to the water.

Tip 4: Conserve Water as You Filter

One of the most important ways to help the environment is to conserve water. And if you’re wondering how you can conserve water while still operating a backyard pool, one answer lies in how you filter the water. Cartridge filtration doesn’t require backwash and will reduce the amount of water used over a DE or sand filtration system. If switching your filter isn’t feasible, you can still conserve water. Repurpose the backwashed water to water your plants, shrubs, trees and lawn.

Tip 5: Reduce the Chemicals

Keeping the pool clean is important to safely enjoying your backyard oasis. But there are ways to sanitize the pool while reducing the amount of chemicals you use. You can consider a saltwater pool instead of a traditional chlorine regimen. (And, yes, your existing pool can be converted.) You can also add mineral sanitizers, ozonators or UV light systems to keep the pool safe while reducing the amount of chlorine used.

Being Green is Easy

Yes, Kermit, being green for the environment and keeping green in your wallet really is easy. And the experts at Peek Pools can help you minimize your impact on the environment with these and other eco-friendly ideas. Call 615-866-8800 to schedule your appointment and find out how you can up your eco game.