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Pinnacle ES - 8’ Pinnacle ES - 8’

Our top of the line six-person hot tub includes a captain’s chair, open love seat, and best-in-class amenity options among all six-person spas.

Arcadia ES - 8’ Arcadia ES - 8’

This spacious seven-person hot tub features two captain’s chairs, an open love seat, and bench seat. Up to 65 jets makes this seven-person spa a luxurious retreat.

Alpine ES - 7x8’ Alpine ES - 7x8’

A roomy seven-person hot tub with a smaller footprint, the Alpine ES is the perfect outdoor hot tub for large groups to socialize and relax – without filling the patio!

ElDorado ES - 7’ ElDorado ES - 7’

This five-person hot tub features a deep, comfortable captain’s chair, “no float” lounger, and bench seat. Total therapy package and amenity options available.

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, few patio and backyard hot tubs compare to those from Aspen Spas, a St. Louis, MO, based manufacturer known since 1992 for superior quality and cutting-edge technologies. Aspen Spas are all-American made and fully customizable with luxurious therapeutic features.

Learn more below about Aspen Spas’ custom-built hot tubs for two to eight people. Just stop by our local showroom with hot tubs for sale – conveniently located in Spring Hill, TN. Come experience firsthand the craftsmanship that goes into the absolute best hot tubs available in Middle Tennessee.

Innovative Outdoor Hot Tub Designs

Whether you’re looking for a two-person spa, eight-person hot tub, or something in between, Aspen Spas has a seating arrangement that will work for your outdoor space and entertaining needs. Every Aspen Spa, whether a space-efficient two-person hot tub or a large eight-person spa that’s built for entertaining, packs in an array of features and seat types, ensuring a relaxing spot that’s comfortable and size-appropriate for every individual.

Durable Materials for Outdoor Spas

From blistering hot days to sub-freezing temperatures and snow, Middle Tennessee has four distinct seasons, and your Aspen Spa can withstand them all thanks to strong, durable materials and a thick six-layer shell. Our hot tubs’ lucite acrylic shells have defined the industry standard (in both appearance and durability). These spas are perfectly suited to the local climates of Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, Gallatin, etc.

High Efficiency Hot Tubs

Whatever weather Middle Tennessee may throw your way, know that your Aspen Spa offers innovative insulation and protective technologies for optimal heat retention and energy efficiency. Not only does this mean a more comfortable experience, but a much more affordable hot tub ownership experience in the form of lower energy bills!

Reliable, Performance-Oriented Hot Tubs

Aspen Spas are built with reliable, performance-oriented equipment and materials for your enjoyment. Nothing kills the party in an eight-person hot tub and spa quite like broken jets and lukewarm temperatures! Aspen Spas ensure peak performance by exclusively using premium spa pumps from Gecko, an industry leader. Powerful jets and reliable performance is to be expected in every large six- or seven-person spa – just as you would in a small and efficient two-person hot tub.

Clean & Clear Water for Outdoor Spas

Just because it’s an outdoor spa doesn’t mean it should like any other outdoor body of water. Aspen Spas are renowned for their sanitary properties. Enjoy crystal clear water, ozonators (for killing bacteria), multiple hot tub pump/circulation options, and efficient Microban filters – all with easy maintenance.

Visit Our Local Showroom with Hot Tubs for Sale (Middle Tennessee)

Need help deciding which Aspen Spas outdoor hot tub is best for your needs, space, and budget? Contact Peek Pool Spas for a free consultation or visit our local showroom with hot tubs for sale to learn more. Whether you’re searching for a stand-alone outdoor spa or looking to expand your family’s existing outdoor pool/patio area, we can help. No spa is too small or too large.

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